The Big Picture

Know your market.  Deal with competitors. Build a resilient business. Have a picture of the future. Have a life.


Find good people. Keep the good people you already have. Collaborate better. Handle conflict better.


Right people in the right positions. Right tools, supplies, equipment. Work  efficiently. Change as needed.


Get more organized. Have productive meetings . Do more with less. Filter out the non-essential. Feel more accomplished.

Helping small businesses become stronger, faster, and better

20+ Years of



Graphic of tree showing sales, profit, team, strategy and other parts of running a business

About Me


I've been honored to have become a trusted advisor and certified business coach to business owners, senior managers, mid-level managers, teams, and individual contributors. I'm proud of a legacy of many clients who are living and working better as a result of our collaboration.

For the last 20+ years, I've created websites for well over 100 businesses that brought them qualified leads and projects they never would have otherwise attracted.


In the last 15+ years I've also worked with hundreds of coaching clients. Quite often, a client hired me as a coach or as a website designer and then added the other service when it became clear I'm well-versed in business and technology.

My first career was 25 years of building, managing, and maintaining information technology for Kodak, GE, Xerox, and the US military and government.

Photo of Mary Anne Shew, Small Business Advisor