You Want Your Prospects to Find You

When your content ranks well on Google, the right people come to your site, and they keep reading until they take action.


Good writing also begins to build trust and the sense they are in good hands.

You Want Your Clients to Buy More from You

It costs less to get more sales from current clients than from new ones. Great content can keep them engaged. 


Teach them more about how your products and services solve their problems. Answer their questions, offer videos, go beyond basic information.

Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is attracting an audience to your website versus interrupting or buying an audience on someone else’s platform (e.g., social media). 

How well you handle these four ingredients of content marketing in your business will determine whether it drives profitable customer action:

  1. Have a marketing strategy 

  2. Focused on a clearly-defined audience. 

  3. Then create valuable, relevant, consistent content

  4. And publish it via your website and social media.

I can help you define your strategy and identify your audience. I deliver publication-ready content that attracts eyeballs. I can help with additional on-page SEO settings beyond the visible content.


Effective Content Writing

Anyone can write for the web. But not everyone can write content that engages the right site visitors and inspires them to actively connect with you. As your writer, I work with you to:

  • Quickly understand your business and audience.

  • Develop, organize, and write the material to be on message.

  • Take care of SEO.

As needed, I can (with a login to your site's CMS):

  • Install and format the content directly onto your site.

  • Enter the SEO settings.

Why Work with Mary Anne?

I Built My First Web Site in 1999

I've created / updated 120+ business web sites. Each site did a great job attracting the right customers both online and via referrals.

Content and SEO Are My Favorite Things

I've learned, experimented with, and applied content and SEO strategies for over 20 years. I've learned about many types of businesses.

Small Business Is My Thing

I've owned two small businesses. I've helped hundreds of other owners (and their employees) reach their goals.

About Me


I've loved to read and write since I learned how to do both. I've spent my entire career using technology as the vehicle to teach others, improve their working lives, and get things done.

After I spent 25 years in corporate IT, the Internet came along, and it was a match made in heaven. I started my own company in 1999 to develop web sites. The conversations I had with clients often uncovered related challenges for which they also wanted my help. In 2007, I added small business consulting as a service. 

In 2019 I also decided to focus on writing web content rather than building web sites. Content has always my favorite part of those projects. 


I look forward to putting my passion, commitment, skills, and expertise to work for YOU.

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Content marketing services and business consultation in Rochester NY, the Finger Lakes region, New York State, and across the United States.