Business Vitality Client Results

I'm grateful to these clients for allowing me to provide samples of my work. The listing numbers below refer to the client website page's placement in the organic (non-paid) section of a search engine results page (SERP).


Note that my website design and development services always included internal site and on-page SEO settings as part of the project. In content-only projects, SEO work such as meta descriptions, etc. are separate options.

My business coaching and consulting clients developed their leadership skills, managed their employees, planned and executed goals, and lived more satisfying lives. In many cases, we also worked on managing their products and services, organizing their business finances, changing business direction, or planning their exit strategies.

BJ Mann Divorce Mediation:  Divorce Mediator (Rochester, NY)

Owner: BJ Mann

Since 2003 I've built and rebuilt her web site through multiple iterations, including the addition of a blog in 2013. In 2017, I helped her publish her first book driven by blog content. In 2019 we brought in a 3rd party to manage her site's hosting technology. I now manage her content strategy; write/edit web site and blog content; and write, edit, and manage her email broadcasts. I also advise her on business and technology issues. She calls me her Chief Operating Officer.

Keyword:  "divorce mediation"

Site's ranking (home page) 05/18/2020:  SERP page #1, listing #2 (PDF of SERP page)

Keyword:  "digital divorce"

Page rankings 05/18/2020 (PDF of SERP page)


Keyword:  "divorce credit myths"

Page rankings 05/18/2020 (PDF of SERP page)

Adept Equipment Services, Inc: Industrial Equipment Repair (Rochester, NY)

Owner: Lori Steffenilla, Calvin Wakulchuk

During 2009-2019, I developed and managed their web site and provided business consulting services to the original owner, Tom Steffenilla. Sadly, he passed away in Dec 2016. In 2019, at the request of the current owners, I redesigned the site and moved the content as it had been originally written to the Wix platform.  The current owners now manage it. They have not changed the content I originally wrote for Tom.

Keyword:  "industrial equipment repair rochester ny"

Site's ranking (home page) 05/18/2020:  SERP page #1, listing #1 (PDF of SERP page)


Compass Quality Solutions: Quality Consultant (Rochester, NY)​

Owner: Lori Cohen

During 2008-2019, I developed and managed her web site and provided business consulting services. Current site now managed by someone else; design and content are as I provided at turnover.

Keyword:  "quality improvement consultant rochester ny"

Site's ranking (home page) 05/18/2020:  SERP page #2, listing #5 (PDF of SERP page)

RJCARS, Inc: Classic Vehicle Remodeling (Dansville, NY)

Owner: Russell Jacobs

During 2007--2019, I developed and managed both of his web sites (including a photo gallery of thousands of vehicle images which I taught his staff to manage) and provided business consulting services. In 2019 we contracted another party to redesign the site and take over the hosting. I provided the content for the redesigned site, which hasn't changed as of this writing (May 2020).

Keyword:  "classic vehicle restoration new york"

Site's ranking (home page) 05/18/2020:  SERP page #1, listing #2 (PDF of SERP page)

"Over the last decade and more, I've had the privilege to work with Mary Anne Shew as my Business/Personal Coach. She has seen me through more than my fair share of life's ups and downs.

"Mary Anne brings professionalism, enthusiasm, accountability, and more to the table in all of her work and endeavors. She is true to her word and always pours extra into doing her best for her clients. She is flexible to offer herself whenever she can, to help in a tough situation that comes up as well. I am also glad to call her a friend and a trusted part of my 'Council Members.'

"Since working with Mary Anne , I've successfully sold my rental property business, and continued to grow my automotive repair and restoration business, RJ CARS INC, which is heading into our 31st successful year. I've also been able to forge through some tough personal times in which she has been a trusted guide and always supportive to me finding my way.

 "My sincerest gratitude for having had her on my team in recent years!"

Russell Jacobs, Mary Anne Shew get under the hood of one of his restoration projects.
Desk with laptop, paperwork, pencils, notebook

Industry Experience

I've created web sites/wrote web content for, consulted, or coached in these fields. Most projects included at least two of those services, if not all three.

  • Accounting

  • Attorneys (including attorney associations)

  • Business associations (incubator, chambers, trade)

  • Child care

  • Classic car remodeling

  • Commercial real estate, real estate inspection

  • Community college

  • Financial advisors

  • Health care (doctors, clinics, veterinarians, registered dietician)

  • Home remodeling and related services; residential & commercial lighting; lawn, landscape & tree care

  • Industry (gas & electric, coal-fired plants, trucking)

  • Information technology

  • Manufacturing (plastic joining equipment, custom tube fabricator, pumps and piping, plastic and glass, sweeteners, custom packaging, tool & die)

  • Nonprofits (research, housing, hospice, church, museum)

  • Personal services (personal training, fitness, salon spa)

  • Professional musician

  • Professional services (quality and other business consultants, environmental analysis, business / life coaches, divorce mediators, benefits advisor, other writers)